Rihanna Takes a Soothing Bath for Her “ANTI diaRy” Campaign

Rihanna’s “ANTI diaRY” campaign for Samsung, which, thus far, has contained a series of cryptic video teasers, has entered its fifth installment. The latest episode to be directed by French artist Woodkid, “Room 5” is yet another segment in Rihanna’s career arch, and examines themes of desolation and reclusiveness. Many have pointed to the period in the singer’s life in which she felt most overwhelmed by the media, though, like her prior “ANTI diaRY” entries, we’re left to speculate as to what messages underlie each video.

Posted by Rihanna – Diamonds on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In “Room 5,” Rihanna is seen in a bathtub overrun by murky water. Surrounding her are veiled figures clamoring for attention. It’s not until she submerges herself in the water that the whispers disappear, suggesting that silence, for her, is a hard commodity to come by.

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