Rihanna: 15 Things You Didn’t Know

Hardcore megastar Rihanna has been all over the news lately for her collaborations that extend beyond music and delve into interactive advertising. The 27-year-old beauty has no qualms about her social media presence, and she has been relatively open and blunt with her fans. However, there are some interesting facts about the “Umbrella” singer that have slipped through the cracks. Here, we present 15 things you probably didn’t know about Rihanna.

Number Fifteen: Her Name Is Not Pronounced the Way You Think. Though most people assume Rihanna’s name is pronounced “Ree-ah-nah,” it’s actually pronounced “Ri-enna.” How’s that for a mind-blowing fact?

Number Fourteen: She Is Very Multi-Cultural. You may be aware that Rihanna is from Barbados, but are you aware of her other roots as well? Her mother is of Guyanese descent, and her father is both Irish and Barbadian.

Number Thirteen: She Is a Big Fan of Junk Food. While on tour, Rihanna eats a lot of Flaming Hot Cheetos and drinks a lot of Red Bull. She may eat well when she’s at home, but on tour, she loves to indulge.

Number Twelve: She Loves Interacting With Her Audience While on Tour. Another habit Rihanna has while on tour is to interact with her fans without them knowing it. She will often go into the audience in an oversized hoodie and walk around before she actually performs.

Number Eleven: She Still Gets Nervous. Just like you and me, Rihanna is still human! She reportedly takes a shot of liquor before every show to calm her nerves and make her perform more smoothly.

Number Ten: She Had a Tumultuous Childhood. Many people are not aware that Rihanna used to suffer from extremely debilitating headaches as a child. She told very few people about these headaches, and in an interview, she sad “I never expressed how I felt.”

Number Nine: She Is No Stranger to Exorcism. When Rihanna was young, she witnessed a live exorcism. She saw a group of people attempt to exorcise a young girl who would scream in a weird voice. She found it both terrifying and funny at the time.

Number Eight: She Was Supposed to Be Katy Perry’s Maid of Honor. Rihanna was slated to be Katy Perry’s maid of honor when she married Russell Brand in October of 2010. However, scheduling conflicts prevented her from attending the wedding, which took place in Rajasthan, India.

Number Seven: She Reads Her Tattoos in the Mirror. Rihanna has a tattoo across her collarbone that reads “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson.” The tattoo is written backward so she can read it properly when she looks in a mirror.

Number Six: You Might Be Surprised by Her Favorite Song. Rihanna’s favorite song of hers is “Diamonds.” The hit song was written by Sia but has been criticized for being repetitive and simple.

Number Five: She Has Been Asked to Pose for Playboy Many Times. Though Rihanna is by no means shy, she has turned Playboy down on numerous occasions. It is unclear what has been stopping her from posing in the magazine.

Number Four: If She Was Not a Singer, She Would Be… A psychologist! If Rihanna never became famous, she has admitted that she would pursue a career in psychology.

Number Three: Jay-Z Signed Her in a Single day. The very same day she met Jay-Z, he signed her. However, she has also admitted that she felt like she couldn’t be herself at the beginning of her career. She said that she felt “really really protected.”

Number Two: She Loves Madonna. Rihanna has said that at one point she wished she could be “the black Madonna.” After her debut album, Music Of The Sun, Ri-Ri became devoted to developing her own sound. Her goal was to have a sound that nobody else could emulate.

Number One: She Hates Perfection. Rihanna gets really bored when she doesn’t have a challenge in her life! For this reason, she doesn’t like perfection and would rather have something to work on.

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